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Cscape Visuals is a Nova Scotia based photography and video production company. We specialize in drone media.


Aerial photo, video, visualization, and streaming services.


Full service video production servicing all needs including weddings, corporate video, real estate, and tourism.


Professional real estate, commerial, and architectural photography.


Full service timelapse capabilities including motion timelapses and day to night timelapses.

Featured Video Production Project

We periodically feature a video project on our page.  The following is a video project produced for an Ontario based real estate agency aimed at marketing Nova Scotia real estate and scenery to Ontario retirees interested in moving to Nova Scotia for their retirement.  The video combines the highest quality drone based aerial video, timelapse, and interior/exterior real estate shots. 

Our Focus

Our focus is on helping you achieve your organizations’s goals through stunning, impactful visuals.  We are a highly versitile shop.  We have confidence in our ability to provide a wide range of highly professional photo and video products at an affordable price.  We can also support you in creating web-based and social media campaings designed to meet your goals with our visual media. 

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We aim to deliver premium visual products and supporting services to delivery jaw dropping results and achieve your goals.

Real Estate Photography - Halifax, Nova Scotia


We aim to deliver superior value.  We strongly believe in delivering efficient, cost effective solutions.


We aim to deliver quickly and recongize the faster we deliver, the faster you achieve your project goals.